Saèd Fanari

Concept Designer, Artist, Painter and Photographer.


Syrian artist, lives in Amsterdam


At the Atelier, Amsterdam

He moved to the Netherlands in 2017, carrying a diverse portfolio of artistic and visual illustration experience, where he established his own Designing and Development Company (FANARI D&D), and simultaneously, he works as an associate with Dutch, MENA region and International institutions.


Over 20 years, Saèd has a proven track record in his expertise, which lay in the areas of fine arts and creative design.


IBC 2017, Amsterdam

And his artistic career has been developed and revealed in a mixture of three parallel paths: Impressionism, Abstraction and Futurism, which was reflected by delivering hundreds of designs, artworks and art projects, and creating hundreds of paintings.


Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris

 acrylic on canvas 50X50x2

acrylic on canvas 60X90

acrylic on canvas 50X50

acrylic on canvas 50X70

acrylic on canvas 50X70

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